Feb 1, 2009

Snack Review: コーヒービート

I first tried Coffee Beat last month while I was in San Diego, I picked it from the Japanese market Mitsuwa. In the past I never really like coffee or coffee flavored foods, but since my last trip to Japan when I ate some coffee flavored caked (to be reviewed later) I acquired the taste haha. I bought a mix bag of Coffee Beat, Apollo, and Choco Babies and bought a small tube of the Coffee Beat just before I left SD.

The outside of the individual candies is crispy like Reese's Pieces and really gives you that feeling of eating a chocolate covered coffee bean. The crispy outside coating is also where all the coffee flavor is, so you get a nice firm burst of it as you take the first bite. In the middle is some medium grade chocolate which becomes a little melty and creamy as you eat it. The chocolate and coffee flavors combined and tastes similar to a mocha.

Coffee Beat is a perfect candy for anyone who enjoys candies, people who are real coffee enthusiasts might think the coffee flavor is not strong enough. The small package is also nice as it's really easy to over eat on these little candies pieces!

Review Quick Facts
Name: コーヒービート (Coffee Beat)
Source: Mitsuwa super-market
Amount: 1 tube

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