Apr 26, 2009

Snack Review: G Fresh cola flavor

For this next (long over-due) snack I have decided to introduce G Fresh gummis in cola flavor. Cola flavor gummis were a favorite of me and my ex-bf, and actually there's a couple different varieties to choose from in Japan. This type is covered with a slightly sour sugar coating.

The inside is very mildly sweet, and once the initial sourness of the coating subsides, it becomes sweet and works well with the gummi center. The really wouldn't be anything but a less sweet version of Haribo cola gummis if it were for that nice coating. There's not too many in the zip top package, but it's the perfect little candy snack.

I always grab these up whenever I find them. While I brought these home from my last Tokyo vacation, I believe they are available at Mitsuwa market

Review Quick Facts
Name: G Fresh (cola flavor)
Source: Lawson
Amount: 1 packet

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cuteandcurls said...

Hi there, passing through via In Sendai's blog. This flavored sweets reminds me of the ones I used to buy back when I was a kid and we tend to get them on the last of day of school term parties. I've seen the CoffeeBeat chocolates sold back at my home country and never tried them. I'll make sure I'll try those when I go home next time. I enjoy looking at the photos you've posted here. Will come by to read more if you update again :-)