Jan 31, 2008


Here is a short movie of the Tanuki in Ueno zoo. The sad thing about Ueno zoo is that all their enclosures are so small and out-dated. However besides the usual animals you see at zoos they had some interesting animals from Japan and other places I had never seen before.
Ueno park is a nice place to visit, I hope next time I go it isn't dark and cold. But besides the park, Ameyoko-cho and some interesting shops there isn't much to see in Ueno haha.

Jan 14, 2008

Photos from my trip

Well I'm back in the US again.
The sad thing was I had unreliable internet access (locked with parental controls no less) at my place in Yokohama. Thusly I wasn't able to update at all.
Now I've pretty much lost any interest in writting up a report.

So please take a look at my pics from Japan!!

Also feel free to browse the pictures at my Flickr album Here!!