Dec 10, 2007

Small update

Haha, Its been so long since Ive written anything...Its kind of hard to know what to write now!

Well I have had trouble accessing the net so thus my lack of updates but I have done many wonderful things! Living in Japan is very interesting.

Ok I will talk about today then:
First I went to the Volks Show Room in Yokohama, its really close to the west exit of Yokohama station so its not very hard to find. I was really happy to discover the had a large portion of the store dedicated to Super Dollfie. So I bought a wig and grabbed some free wet tissue packets with Amakusa on them hehe! Oh also I visited the Harajuku Tenshi no Sumika which was really nice and I bought my Dolpa 18 guidebook so I can get into the Dolpa.

After that me and Shouma went to eat gyudon at Suki-ya, and it was pretty tasty and the bill was only 1000yen then we went to a department store and I played around on the toy floor while Shouma sat in a massge chair haha. I bought some more Gashapon, which I am buying all the time since machines are everywhere haha

My favorite thing is trying out new food especially breads. I have eaten so many kinds of melon bread, regular, chocolate chip, cream inside, strawberry. Ive seen Chocolate and coffee flavor, but havent tried. Suffice to say I gained 3kg T_T

Sadly I cant upload any pics since this isnt my computer...but I will when I get back home in 2 weeks!

Sep 23, 2007


Sep 22, 2007

Plane Tickets

Well I can say it's official: I'm going to Tokyo.
I have my plane tickets which are non-refundable and cannot be canceled so I had better be ready to get to Tokyo on Nov. 2nd. This is my first flight alone, not to mention to a foriegn country. So I decided non-stop was the way to go, even though it cost a bit more.

With plane tickets out of the way there are plenty more things to take care of, but luckily I have 5 weeks to get everything all settled. There aren't going to be many posts here until I'm actually in Tokyo, but I promise to make a few update haha.
So until something interesting comes up, Ja ne.