Nov 22, 2008

Snack Review: まるでバナナパン

This bread has the "real taste" of banana, and it's almost like eating a banana only much better and less healthy! ^^ The outide is very smooth, as if it is coating with something the way melon bread is coated. Besides being smooth, the outside is very cute and cleaver with it's banana spots! And as you can see by the picture the inside is very soft, and formed in soft little layer. The texture is very pleasant, almost like you are eating a dessert of some kind. In the middle is the best part, cream! A very banana flavored cream lies in the center and adds more sweetness to the bread.
I am a big fan of anything banana flavored so I made a bee-line right to this when I saw it on the shelf at the conbini. I was definitely not disappointed by this bread (it's one of the best I've ever had), and I'm sure you will feel the same! Please try it if you can.

= Quick Facts =
Name: まるでバナナパン (banana pan)
Source: Lawson?
Amount: 1


insendai said...

Hi Saint,

Thanks for putting a link for my blog. I've added one to my site for yours. Your blog is cool. I'm going to start visiting it regularly.

sixmats said...

I haven't seen this yet, but some things are just not available outside of Tokyo. I can't wait until they make umeboshi pan!

Mima-chan said...

I like Bananas and Melon-pan, so I might like this if I'm ever able to get it! =3